Delay Repay 15

GJ at Dartford station

Last month it was announced that passengers travelling on Southeastern who are delayed for more than 15 minutes will be entitled to compensation.


This improved rail compensation scheme will be extremely beneficial to passengers in Dartford.  It means that passengers who are faced with a delay of 15 minutes or more can make a claim, instead of after a 30-minute or more delay, which used to apply.


I am really pleased to see this scheme has finally come into force in Dartford. Getting Delay Repay 15 from Southeastern is something I have repeatedly asked the Government to implement.


The scheme, which came into force on 11th September, means that passengers who are delayed for between 15 and 29 minutes can claim money back on a proportion of their ticket, up to 28 days after the delayed journey.


I hope this change will lead to less delays on our trains and a better service for people in Dartford.


Passengers in Dartford must be able to rely on the service and this scheme, which should mean the train operator does all it can to ensure services are on time.


We know that since the introduction of Oyster in Dartford in September 2015, the number of passengers using rail services to and from the station has increased significantly and I hope this latest change will encourage more people to use the rail services available.


As I have said many times, having modern trains, with smart ticketing options and a reliable service, are imperative for people who commute to and from Dartford. If the service is cancelled or delayed, rail users should be compensated fairly.


Too many times we have seen trains delayed by 20-25 minutes without passengers being able to do anything about it, this will change that.