Dartford to get first camera-enforced yellow box junction outside of London at traffic hotspot

GJ and JK at Bluestar roundabout

Dartford MP, Gareth Johnson, is pleased to announce that the first camera ‘enforced’ yellow box junctions outside of London will be installed by Highways England in Dartford with work commencing at the start of May.


These yellow box junctions will be on the A282 Junction 1b at the Princes Road Interchange known as the Blue Star roundabout, which is a notorious traffic hotspot in Dartford.


Lorries and cars entering the yellow boxes and blocking the junction now face a fine issued by ANPR cameras.


Gareth Johnson MP said: “This is good news. Getting these junctions enforced by cameras has proved to be surprisingly complex in legal terms and has taken a lot of planning with lots of different agencies involved.  It seems now the effort has paid off.


There are no claims that this will end all the traffic problems in Dartford but it’s something that local people have been calling for and it should make a noticeable difference to traffic congestion.”


Traffic surveys in the run up to this announcement show that thousands of vehicles infringe the yellow boxes every week, causing longer waits for motorists and snarling up the town centre.


Mr Johnson added: “We all get stuck at this junction when there is a problem at the Dartford Crossing and I know many people feel strongly these box junctions should be properly enforced so I have been working closely with Kent Police, Kent County Council, Highways England and Dartford Council to find a solution.


This will be the first time, to my knowledge, that box junctions will be enforced by cameras anywhere outside of London where the law is different. It has taken a lot of work to ensure the box junctions could be enforced in a lawful way. Nobody wants to see motorists unfairly targeted but people are sick and tired of being held up at the Blue Star roundabout by selfish motorists who sit in the box junctions blocking people from getting across Dartford and causing traffic chaos. It’s this minority of motorists who need to be targeted.”


Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Borough Council, said “One of the biggest frustrations is seeing the way congestion on the M25 impacts on local residents trying to make completely unrelated journeys across town.  A big part of that is lorries stopping on the box junctions rather than letting local traffic flow more freely. Hopefully, imposing fines will concentrate the minds of lorry drivers in particular and allow the roundabout to operate as it was designed to do.”


Work to repaint the boxes and install the Traffic Enforcement Camera signage is due to begin at the start of next week. (May 6)