Dartford Schools

Over the last few weeks, pupils across the town have been heading back to school for the new school year.

Here in Dartford we are very lucky to have a diverse range of schools including excellent primary schools, a UTC, four grammar schools, and academies.  These schools specialise in different areas of education and offer parents a really wide choice of education for their children.

From the primary to the secondary schools, I am delighted that all the schools in Dartford are doing exceedingly well.

I read an interesting article recently which cited a local estate agent saying one of the main reasons people are moving to Dartford is the good schools in the area. It is a great reflection of our schools to say they are having a positive effect on the housing market and that people want to move here to take advantage of the high standards of education in Dartford.

With this growth, it has become clear we need another secondary school to create more places. I am pleased there has been a proposal to build a new secondary school in Stone, by one of the town’s current academy providers, which would complement the schools currently available.

In July, I visited our newest school, Cherry Orchard Primary Academy, which is starting its second year this September. It was great to see the school taking an innovative approach to education and being forward-thinking in its ethos of teaching young people.

I have always been extremely proud of the schools in our area, which is very much down to the dedication of teachers and staff, as well as the young people attending them and their parents.

Our schools set very high standards and expect children who attend them to take pride in aiming to reach and exceed those standards. Success is a consequence of that action.

Getting children to reach their full potential has always been the main aim of our education system and with our good schools flourishing throughout Dartford, I hope all young people will have the best chance ever to go on to achieve their goals.