Dartford MP welcomes Local Government Minister’s vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City

Communities and Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis outlined the vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City in the House of Commons yesterday.

Mr Lewis confirmed plans were well underway to create the Urban Development Corporation which will help shape the new garden city and he reaffirmed £200 million in Government funding will be made available for infrastructure to support the proposed 15,000 new homes.

Mr Lewis said: “We want to deliver something of which we can all be proud. We need to have a vision of the way in which not just community housing but real communities should be built. That means ensuring that there is the right mix of residential, retail, commercial and open space for people to enjoy, so that they can get to know their neighbours and be part of a strong community. The community must be at the forefront of this project.”

Mr Lewis added that the Government is not making decisions from on high but listening to local views to ensure the plan is developed properly.

During the debate Dartford MP Gareth Johnson raised with the Minister the importance of infrastructure, he said “The full potential of the area will not be realised without proper investment and commitment to the infrastructure, not just of the garden city but the surrounding area.”

During the debate the Minister confirmed the Treasury’s commitment to invest in Ebbsfleet.

Gareth Johnson welcomed this. He said: “I am glad the Minister reaffirmed the Government’s commitment of £200m to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place for the new communities being proposed.

Ebbsfleet Garden City is an exciting development which will create new jobs and new homes but it will only work if local people and businesses are part of the decision making process and that we have sufficient school places, medical provision and transport links to cope with the extra housing.

Dartford and the surrounding area has great potential and I look forward to helping shape this new and vibrant place to live.”