Dartford MP says enforcing a second referendum would be the most ‘arrogant’ thing Parliament could do

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson asked the Prime Minister about a second referendum during her statement on her new plans for Brexit yesterday, a week after her deal was rejected by MPs in the House of Commons.

The idea of a second referendum has been mooted by some MPs as a way to find a way forward.

During the debate, Mr Johnson said: “Does the Prime Minister agree that enforcing a second referendum would be the most arrogant thing this Parliament could ever do? It would be totally wrong to say to the people effectively, “You got it wrong last time. Now go away and have another try.” That referendum result was not some kind of “take note” memo; it was an instruction to this House. The instruction is just as valid today as it was the day after the referendum.”

In her response Theresa May agreed. She said: “My hon. Friend is absolutely right. This House did not say to the British people, “Have this vote and we might think about whether we agree with it and will deliver on it.” We said, “It is your decision.” The Government campaigned for remain, but the Government leaflet was clear that the result would be respected, and that is exactly what this Parliament should do.”