Dartford MP raises the link between a drop in ‘stop and search’ and the rise in knife crime with the Prime Minister

DARTFORD MP Gareth Johnson today raised the issue of knife crime and police stop and search records with the Prime Minister by questioning her about the rise in stabbings whilst at the same time highlighting a significant drop in stop and searches by the police.

During PMQs, Mr Johnson said: “Over the last four years, the number of people who have been stopped and searched by the police has fallen by two-thirds whilst at the same time the number of stabbings has increased by a third.  Does the Prime Minister therefore agree with me, that carried out in the right way, stop and search is an effective part of the battle against knife crime?”

Prime Minister Theresa May replied saying: “I absolutely agree that carried out in the right way stop and search is an effective tool for our police forces.  We recognise the concern there is about violent crime and, obviously he specifically raised the knife crime issue, that is why the Home Secretary has published the serious violence strategy, we’ve established the serious violence task force, but on the point about stop and search, just to reiterate what we want for the police to do is to use stop and search properly and lawfully. It is a vital and effective policing tool, what we expect is when they use stop and search they do it lawfully.”

Speaking afterwards Gareth Johnson said:  “Nobody wants to see any section of the community unfairly targeted but the police must be allowed to feel confident to carry out a stop and search on anybody when they have grounds to do so. We must ensure that it is those who carry knives who should be fearful not the local community’.”