Gareth Johnson’s reaction to KCC Planning Committee decision

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson’ s reaction to Kent County Council’s Planning Committee approval of the application by Teal Energy Limited for the construction of a renewable energy facility on land at Manor Way Business Park, Swanscombe, Kent.

“This was the wrong decision by Kent County Council’s Planning Committee.

I am confident that the London Paramount Entertainment Resort project will go ahead unaffected by this decision. I have formally asked the Department for Communities and Local Government to suspend the decision and enable the Secretary of State make any final decision, rather than Kent County Council.

The Paramount project will be fantastic for the local area creating up to 30,000 new jobs and will help to regenerate the Swanscombe Peninsula.

We may need more energy provision but this is the wrong place to locate the plant and it is short-sighted of the Planning Committee to look at this application in isolation from the other development opportunities on the peninsula.

I am confident this decision will be overturned and that we can look forward to the resort being constructed in Swanscombe in the near future.”