Dartford MP Gareth Johnson raises concerns in Parliament about release of dangerous killer Patrick Mackay

GJ in Chamber Nov 2015

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson raised his concerns about the possible release of killer Patrick Mackay during questions to the Justice Secretary yesterday in the House of Commons.

Mackay, originally from Dartford, was convicted of killing three people in 1975, and has been serving a life sentence ever since. He is eligible for parole and a hearing is due to take place in August.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said: “Patrick Mackay, formerly of my constituency, is one of Britain’s least known but most dangerous serial killers.  In 1975, he admitted to three counts of manslaughter, but he is strongly suspected of carrying out a further 10 killings, including that of a four-year-old boy.  Mackay is now eligible for parole and may well have already been moved to an open prison.  Does the Secretary of State share my deep concern about the potential release of this man, still only in his 60s, and will he enable me to make the fullest possible representations to the Parole Board?”

In response, Justice Secretary David Gauke said: “I pay tribute to my honourable Friend who has taken up this issue tirelessly.  As he knows, the Parole Board will release a life sentence prisoner only when, in its view, it is no longer necessary on the grounds of public protection for a prisoner to remain in custody.  In making its determination, the board will consider reports from those who manage the prisoner and have assessed the risk of harm he presents.  The board will also consider all relevant evidence of the prisoner’s risk of harm, and if my honourable Friend has such evidence I am sure it will be listened to closely. We will ensure that it is fully considered for inclusion in the dossier of reports given to the parole board.”