Dartford MP Gareth Johnson proposes ‘flying ban’ law for disruptive airline passengers convicted of offences in court

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson is introducing a Ten Minute Rule Bill aimed at giving Judges and Magistrates the power to ban disruptive passengers from flying on all airlines for a specific period of time, following a court conviction.

The Aviation Banning Orders (Disruptive Passengers) Ten Minute Rule Bill will be debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday, March 10th.

Following a meeting yesterday with Transport Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Kelly Tolhurst, who is responsible for aviation, Mr Johnson said: “Over the past few years the number of disruptive passengers has been steadily rising. In 2018, just six airlines, reported over 4,000 incidents, which was 9% more than the previous year.

This Bill aims to deter people from disrupting flights and making passengers feel unsafe. Passengers who assault or threaten cabin staff should risk being banned from flying for a period of time. The law should be changed to give courts the power to impose bans on the most disruptive passengers from flying on any commercial airline for a period of time.

Courts can currently ban people from driving or attending football matches or even being directors of companies but not from flying even when they have endangered an aircraft and the people on that plane.

Currently, individual airlines can ban a person from flying on their planes, but this does not stop that person travelling on another airline.

This Bill is aimed at deterring people from being disruptive on a plane, with a policy of ‘if you are banned from one, you are banned from all’.”