Dartford MP calls for more trains on Kent’s High Speed 1 rail line

Dartford MP, Gareth Johnson, has joined Kent MPs in the House of Commons to call for more trains and carriages on the High Speed 1 rail line in a bid to tackle overcrowding and high costs.

During the debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said: “There is no doubt in my mind that HS1 has been good for the county..before proceeding further with HS2, we need to tackle the challenges of HS1, which has, in many respects, become synonymous with costs and overcrowding?”

And following the debate, he added: “HS1 is a good thing for the area, but we need to tackle the congestion and we need to ensure there is more rolling stock on the route.  With the ongoing debate on whether we continue with HS2, it’s imperative we tackle the challenges facing HS1 first.  HS1 could be far more effective. I have said many times before, the fact HS1 does not connect up with Crossrail is a failure of the system.”