Dartford MP calls for action to tackle congestion at the Dartford Crossing during House of Commons debate

GJ at crossing

DARTFORD MP Gareth Johnson called for action to help ease traffic problems at the Dartford Crossing during a debate in the House of Commons yesterday.

Roads Minister Andrew Jones responded to Mr Johnson’s concerns during the debate and MPs from across Kent and Essex aired their views about the ongoing issues.

Afterwards Mr Johnson said: “I wanted to secure this debate because of the ongoing frustration in the area with the Dartford Crossing. People are increasingly angry at the problems caused by the Dartford crossing.

The Roads Minister recognises that the current situation can’t continue as it is. We need a major overhaul of the roads surrounding the crossing. This will need cooperation between Highways England and Kent County Council.

I maintain we will only resolve these problems when we have another additional crossing in the lower Thames area east of Gravesend. We cannot afford to have another crossing at Dartford. The roads can’t cope and we need an alternative route for the motorist.

This debate is part of a process of pressurising the Department of Transport to do all it can to alleviate the problems at the crossing that people find so exasperating.”