Dartford Family Action

Family-Action-2Date: 13th January 2011 I recently visited Dartford’s ‘Family Action’ charity which is based on the Tree Estate. It is a fantastic charity which helps about one hundred families each year get through difficult periods for them. It is another example of selfless charity work taking place in Dartford which many people are unaware of.

Most of the help that Family Action gives is through primary schools in Dartford Borough where a child has been identified as needing assistance. This help can involve many different issues, for example a young carer that needs support or where there are mental health problems that are causing the family difficulties. The help they give  is targeted and time-limited   and provided by trained and experienced staff. Often they will work alongside other agencies and ensure that the correct support is given to the family concerned.

I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and dedication shown by the staff at the centre. They are rightly proud of the work that Family Action has put in to the local area and the help they have given to families at a critical time for them. There are also a number of committed volunteers working with the organisation who give up their time to help families in Dartford . Some of these volunteers originally came in to contact with Family Action when they were helped themselves.

If you think that you could help Family Action at all then they would be delighted to hear from you on 01322 289740 or dartford@family-action.org.uk. The charity is national across the UK and its website is:  www.family-action.org.uk