Dartford Crossing

This week there was more chaos at the Dartford Crossing with thousands of people stuck in their cars after a power outage in the tunnels.

Incidents at the crossing have become the norm rather than the exception and I am afraid someone is going to die there. Kent Police have informed me they find dealing with vulnerable people at the Dartford Crossing more challenging than with Operation Stack.

When a problem occurs, people are trapped in lengthy traffic jams and if a vulnerable person can’t get to hospital or to their medication then the situation becomes dangerous.

I recently explained these fears to the Chief Executive of Highways England and I have also been in touch with the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling and told him that the situation here in Dartford is unbearable.

Highways England and I agree that trying to find a solution to this ongoing problem is ten years too late and we are now playing catch up. We should have tackled this problem long ago.

I have letters from constituents on a daily basis telling me about their experiences on the motorway and on the roads in and around Dartford when something happens at the crossing.

Highways England claims it will struggle to introduce many improvements until a new crossing is built, which the chief executive believes should be east of Gravesend.

I say we need action and I will do everything I can to try and improve things until a new Lower Thames crossing is built.