Dartford and The First World War 1914-1918

G Westminster Hall

This week marked the start of the Centenary commemorations of the First World War which began on August 4, 1914.

As part of these commemorations, I have joined forces with the Royal British Legion at Greenhithe and Swanscombe to put together an educational booklet for primary school children in Dartford.  I wanted to help show youngsters in Dartford the significant role that our town played in the conflict.

In June I secured a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for this project which will enable me to distribute a copy of this booklet, to primary school children throughout the constituency.

As well as featuring key facts about the war, the booklet is filled with stories about Dartfordians going to war, life in the trenches, the businesses which Dartford became well-known for, as well as a map showing where soldiers are buried in the constituency. It will give pupils bite-sized chunks of information about what wartime life was like in Dartford.

I hope this booklet will motivate youngsters to take an interest in The Great War and encourage them to learn more about their own families and communities.  I also hope it will encourage them to visit local war memorials as well as visit the local museum in Dartford, where a First World War exhibition is currently being held.

The booklet will be ready for schools next term but has been reproduced below and may be printed directly. Should you require a hard-copy, please feel free to email me at gareth.johnson.mp@parliament.uk

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