Cold Case Reviews

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Date: Thu 17th October 2013

There can be very few people not moved by the tragic circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Madeline McCann over 6 years ago, which this week was thrust back into the limelight by a new appeal.

The officers from the Metropolitan Police who are re-investigating the case described the response from the public, following the appeal, as truly unprecedented and once again the heartbreaking circumstances of this case are headline news.

The response from the public illustrates the importance of keeping unsolved cases like this in the limelight after the passage of many years, in the hope that a key witness comes forward or piece of new evidence comes to light. It is also highlights the excellent work carried out by Police in reviewing cold cases such as this.

Locally, Kent Police have a dedicated team who work tirelessly reviewing cold cases and re-visiting evidence from old investigations. The team, formed in 2008, have been able to use new technology to successfully prosecute some horrific crimes carried out in Kent that could not be solved at the time. The team are currently working on solving the murder of Claire Tiltman in Greenhithe in 1993. Those of us who lived in the area at the time will remember how this event affected us all and how today we all share a desire to see her murderer convicted.

This approach to historic cases ensures that not only is there always hope that prosecutions will be brought for offences committed a long time ago, but also the people who carried out these crimes can never rest in the belief that they have got away with it. I hope that the hard work of the officers from Kent Police on this case can bring Justice for Claire Tiltman, just as we hope that there can be Justice for Madeline McCann.

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