Closure of QEII Bridge

Dartford Crossing at sunset. small

Misery hit our roads again this week when Dartford fell victim to Britain’s worst stretch of road.

Monday’s closure of the QEII Bridge for half the day due to high winds caused massive traffic problems.

The congestion at the crossing and around the local area was horrendous and it highlights the necessity for another crossing – which must be well away from Dartford.  

It also shows that the new crossing needs to be another tunnel and not a bridge.

Driving over the bridge in windy conditions can be dangerous but it is also dangerous for people to be trapped in their cars for hours on end simply trying to get home. 

There have been numerous stories of people being stuck for hours trying to get home, including children and other vulnerable people. 

When these situations occur, people are understandably angry and frustrated so we need Highways England to find a way of limiting the impact on local roads whenever there is a problem at the crossing.

Residents in Dartford are sick of the traffic misery caused by the crossing and motorists desperately need an alternative option.

The need for another crossing has never been greater and I hope residents in and around Dartford will take part in the consultation on the new Lower Thames Crossing which is now open until 24th March.

To take part in the consultation, visit Highways England’s website.