North West Kent College

  Date: Thu 27th January 2011 Last Friday I visited North West Kent College. The college is presided over by David Gleed, their excellent principal and is in the process of a huge transformation with new buildings due to be completed shortly. I had the pleasure of addressing around 130 students…

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Leigh Trust Academies

GJ small (3)

      Date: 20th January 2011 I was fortunate enough last week to pay a visit to all three of the Academies run by the Leigh Trust. The Leigh Technology, Wilmington and Longfield Academies are all overseen by the excellent Chief Executive; Frank Green. Each of the Academies are…

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Christmas Column

Date: Sat 25th December 2010 Christmas is a time for being with friends and family and for many people a chance to remember the significance of why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ. In recent years we have heard of too many cases of people being afraid to be open…

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