Dartford MP Gareth Johnson raises concerns in Parliament about release of dangerous killer Patrick Mackay

GJ in Chamber Nov 2015

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson raised his concerns about the possible release of killer Patrick Mackay during questions to the Justice Secretary yesterday in the House of Commons. Mackay, originally from Dartford, was convicted of killing three people in 1975, and has been serving a life sentence ever since. He is…

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Patrick McKay

In the past month, a number of newspapers, including the Dartford Messenger, have been writing articles about how a man, convicted of three manslaughters in the 1970s and possibly Britain’s longest serving prisoner, may now be eligible for parole.   Patrick McKay, who was originally from Dartford, was jailed in…

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MP raises the recent ‘noxious substance’ assault in Dartford during Parliamentary questions

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson today asked the Justice Secretary about the sentencing for those committing noxious substance attacks following an assault in the town on Sunday. During Justice questions in the House of Commons, on Tuesday morning, Mr Johnson said: “A deeply concerning incident took place in my constituency at…

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