Lower Thames Crossing

As we are all well aware, plans for the Lower Thames Crossing have been years in the making and it is urgently needed to help the traffic congestion in Dartford.

I know the Government is looking to tackle the country’s debt, but we must continue with this project.

The traffic at the Dartford Crossing causes misery for our town every day and the crossing has been running over capacity for years.

Not only will Dartford benefit from the Lower Thames Crossing but so will the whole of the UK and work to start building it can’t start soon enough.


Gareth Johnson: Lower Thames Crossing

Since the new Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper, was appointed, I have met with him twice to impress upon him the importance of the Lower Thames Crossing, which will help alleviate the daily traffic problems at Dartford. I also asked him about it during Transport Questions.

Lower Thames Crossing

This month marks 55 years since the first Dartford tunnel opened for business.

Since that day in November 1963, a second tunnel and bridge were built to transport the growing number of cars crossing the Thames.