Brexit and General Election

On Monday, the European Union extended Brexit until 31st January. This came after the PM was forced to ask them for a delay.  As I write this column, the House of Commons is to be asked to vote for a General Election. This seems to be the only way to try and implement the will of the people.


For months the issues around Brexit have been changing daily but despite the Prime Minister getting support for his new Brexit deal, Parliament is in stalemate. If the Government persists with the legislation to implement Brexit, it will be amended by those who oppose it and as the programme motion has been defeated it means the deal can be talked out by any group of MPs. Therefore, the only realistic option left is to try and end the paralysis through a General Election.


One thing that has not changed for me is my belief the UK should leave the EU as soon as possible and take back the sovereignty we have lost since we joined in the 1970s.


Despite the lively debates in Parliament, people in Dartford whether they voted leave or remain say to me they just want to get Brexit done and to move on to other important issues affecting the country.  People are tired of Brexit and it is therefore regrettable that we have seen it delayed yet again by Labour votes in the House of Commons. These votes have seen the law change under ‘The Benn (Surrender) Act’ to force the UK to agree a delay to Brexit and ask the EU for this latest extension. The Labour Party has been clear it will not accept any deal we could negotiate. It would not even accept its own negotiated deal and would instead put it to the people in a referendum and campaign against it in favour of remain.


As I have said many times, I will continue to vote to deliver Brexit and act on the instruction we were given by the British people in 2016. Here in Dartford, almost two-thirds of people voted to leave the EU and many more people who voted remain believe we should respect the outcome of the referendum. I wholeheartedly agree and I hope the decisions made in the next few days will begin the process of sorting this issue out once and for all.