This week, Theresa May returned to the House of Commons to outline her plans following the defeat of her Brexit deal last week.

An overwhelming number of MPs voted against the deal, with just 202 MPs supporting it.

Looking to the future, the Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that the options available are her deal, no deal or the prospect of no Brexit at all.

There are, however, a number of MPs who are pushing for a second referendum and this is something I completely disagree with.  

We do not have re-runs of elections simply because some people don’t like the outcome. It would undermine democracy if people felt their vote was meaningless and that they couldn’t change things through the ballot box.

When the EU Referendum was announced, the Government was very clear in the leaflet it sent to every household in the country that whatever the outcome was, it would be respected. MPs voted overwhelming in support of having the Referendum and following the result, they voted to invoke Article 50. Now some people want to move the goal posts. It would be arrogant of the House of Commons to tell people ‘you got it wrong, let’s have another go’. This view is being pushed mainly by people who have been unable to reconcile themselves with the result of the Referendum. 

I cannot predict the outcome of the current situation, but I have consistently stated we must respect the Referendum result. I do not think the deal Theresa May put forward provides us with Brexit and therefore she must seek changes to it. I hope this will be done quickly so that we can leave the EU on 29th March as planned.