Bad Weather

Bad weather

Date: Thu 9th December 2010

The recent snow was the heaviest I can remember. The depth of the snowfall right across Dartford was quite extraordinary. It provided opportunities for many to enjoy playing in the snow.  It also placed under a magnifying glass our abilities as a country to deal with extreme forms of weather. It seems to me that with each fall of snow I have witnessed in my lifetime a debate follows over how ill prepared we are to cope. Kent County Council and the Southeastern train company have faced the most questions over their response to the adverse weather conditions.

There are undoubtedly many lessons that can and need to be learnt from the recent snow problems. The main roads around Dartford were treacherous with both East and West Hill closed for a time. Kent Highways needs to consider what more can be done.

Like many commuters in Dartford, I struggled with the inability of the train network to operate in poor weather conditions. Southeastern has to look again at its plans when faced with heavy snow falls.

Whilst it is correct to say that all tiers of Government could do more and that transport companies should have better contingency plans, it doesn’t rest there. We all have a role to play. I wonder how many of us keep salt and snow chains handy in case of snowy weather. I know that I don’t.  If we are ever going to respond effectively to bad weather conditions then we need a change of approach from all directions.