Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Date: Thu 29th July 2010

Last week I visited Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services who are leading the fight against dementia.

Whilst there are drugs to help Alzheimer’s there is nothing yet proven that helps dementia.  The onset of dementia can be a frightening prospect for both the sufferer and their families.

There are a number of excellent services run by the small charity based in Northfleet which serves the residents of Dartford.  They offer support at home helping sufferers keep up with their hobbies or simply a visit to a museum by providing staff to accompany them.

They have a day centre with activities and a Monday Club offering trips on their dedicated bus.

If you are a carer and need someone to talk to, you can ring a 24 hour support line where information and emotional support which is non-judgemental and confidential on: 0845 604 4391

There is also web based support on: Which aims to help people with dementia, their friends, family, carers, health and social care professionals and information about dementia, local support and care services.