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Date:Tue 3rd July 2012

This week we received the terrible news that three more of our soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. This time, a rogue Afghan Policeman shot dead three of our troops in Helmand Province in a so called ‘green on blue’ attack. This brings to twenty eight the number of British Personnel killed already this year.

It seems that each time we hear news of a fatality in Afghanistan it is just as shocking as when this conflict first began. We have never got used to the loss of British lives and nor perhaps should we. The terrible events in New York in 2001, that led to the military operation in Afghanistan, remains Britain’s worst terrorist attack with the loss of sixty seven British subjects on that day. Even at the height of the problems in Northern Ireland there was never a loss of life that was as great. This is why we need to do all we can to ensure that Al- Qaeda are never able to use Afghanistan as a base again.

I can’t really begin to imagine how worrying it must be for the families of serving soldiers to fear being informed that their son or daughter is the one who has died this time. Whilst we are very proud of the dedication and bravery of our troops, their families must also count down every day until they return home.

Thankfully our troops are due to leave Afghanistan in 2014 when the Afghan army will take over full control of security of the country. We must though do all we can in the meantime to protect our soldiers in this dangerous and unpredictable place.

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