Additional Police Officers in Kent

Last month it was announced there will be a big recruitment drive for new Police Officers in Kent.

Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, announced the draft funding proposals with the aim of empowering the Chief Constable to recruit up to 200 additional Police Officers in the next year.

These new officers will go into boosting a number of areas, including rural and roads policing, local communities, fighting cyber-crime and providing greater public protection.  They will take the total number of Police Officers in Kent to its highest level since 2012 and will be in addition to replacing any Police Officers who leave the force during this period.

I welcome this announcement for our constituency, which I hope will help reassure people that fighting crime and protecting the public is at the top of the agenda.

Although crime has fallen in recent years, we do still face challenges in Dartford with certain crimes including anti-social behaviour and burglaries.

I am frequently in touch with Kent Police to discuss how these challenges can be dealt with and I know that our local Police Officers and PCSOs are working tirelessly with the local community to tackle crime in Dartford.

Policing is an issue which is regularly raised with me, but despite the closure of Dartford Police Station, there are still a significant number of officers based in Dartford. Kent Police provide a front office service at the Civic Centre and a number of officers work out of that location.

It is not yet known how many of the 200 officers will be deployed in Dartford but I have asked the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Mathew Scott for Dartford to have a fair allocation. There is still much to be done to tackle crime locally but I remain of the view that Kent Police is the most effective police force in the country.