Action in Syria

GJ Transport Questions (2) June 2015

During the last week I had the opportunity to question both the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary in the House of Commons about what action should be taken to combat the growing terror threat here and abroad.

Responding to my question at PMQs, David Cameron said that in order to respond to the severe threat that we face, we need to focus on counter-terrorism here in the United Kingdom, giving our intelligence agencies and police the laws and powers they need. He also said we need to concentrate on counter-extremism, in a bid to stop the poisoning of young minds, whilst at the same time tackling the problem of ISIL at its source, not just in Iraq, but in Syria too.

Today (THURSDAY) the Prime Minister will return to the House of Commons to give his response to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee report and outline a plan to move forward.

It has been widely reported that MPs will be asked to vote on action in Syria in the coming days. I hope that whatever action is taken, it will be backed up with a strategy for the region, aimed at rebuilding and stabilising the countries involved.

We need a firm plan to tackle this escalating threat and our resolve must be unbreakable.

I believe we should hunt down ISIL wherever it is operating, wherever it is planning, wherever it is plotting, with the aim of stopping this terror threat once and for all.