Recent attacks

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Over the past few weeks we have seen some terrible massacres throughout the world. Almost on a daily basis the news has reported some unthinkable tragedies, none of which we can comprehend. Some of these have taken place far away and others have been in nearby tourist destinations. In Nice,…

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Gareth In The Commons

This week MPs voted overwhelmingly to replace Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent. The debate in the House of Commons was quite surreal. One of the key moments was when our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, said ‘yes’ she would be prepared to use Trident. I was pleased she said this though…

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Our new Prime Minister

Today sees the dawn of a new era in British Politics as Theresa May starts her first full day as Prime Minister.   It was absolutely right for Andrea Leadsom to stand down this week as it means we now have certainty about who is going to lead us through…

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