‘Walter Mitty’ Bill passes through committee stage and will have its third reading later this month

GJ chamber 300614 2nd photo

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson’s Private Members’ Bill entitled; Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill has passed the committee stage and will now go back to the House of Commons for its third reading.

After the Bill Committee, Gareth Johnson MP said: “I am pleased it has got past this important hurdle with cross party support. There have been some changes during the committee stage but the intention of the Bill, to stop people wearing medals they have not been awarded with the intention to deceive, still stands.  The Bill now moves to third reading and report stage on February 24. There is still some way to go before it becomes law, but we are a step closer.”

The Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill aims to outlaw the increasing problem of so-called ‘Walter Mitty’s’ wearing medals they have not earned, intending to deceive and curry favour. The practice undermines veterans who have legitimately been awarded medals and effectively ‘steals valour’ from them.

This Bill does not prevent the custom of families wearing medals in honour of loved ones. Instead it aims to provide protection for genuine heroes that is enjoyed in some other countries but not in the UK.

The Bill will now have its third reading in the House of Commons on Friday, February 24.