Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Trafalgar Square Xmas Tree 2014

Many people in Dartford will be familiar with the history surrounding the ‘world’s most famous Christmas tree’ in Trafalgar Square but few may know the connection that Dartford has with this tree.

Last week I was invited to attend the lighting-up ceremony for the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square with the mayors of London and Oslo.  This event was organised by a Dartford company that delivers and installs the tree for everyone in London to enjoy.

For many years, Dartford based Beck & Pollitzer, has taken collection of the tree in the UK, transported it to Dartford, stored it in Dartford overnight and then installed it in Trafalgar Square. The tree is over fifty years old and is specially selected from a forest in Norway. It is then placed on a barge to Hull where it is met by Beck & Pollitzer.

The UK has been receiving the tree since 1947 as a gift from the people of Norway to Britain for our role in liberating their nation in World War 2.

This gift, known as the Queen of the Forest, is something that many people have huge affection for and we can be proud in Dartford that one of our local businesses plays a significant role in ensuring it makes it safely to Trafalgar Square.