North Korea

Over the past week a war of words has erupted between the US and North Korea bringing the threat of nuclear war closer than it has been since the Cold War.

Tough economic sanctions were imposed on North Korea last week after they tested two Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in recent months.

This was followed by North Korea threatening to strike the US territory of Guam and the news from America that Pyongyang has built a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside the missiles they are testing.

President Trump has responded to this crisis by claiming North Korea will face ‘fire and fury’ if it continues to threaten the US and its allies, adding that the US is stronger than ever.

The threats by Kim Jong-un, who has been publicly threatening a pre-emptive strike on US soil, are impossible for President Trump to ignore. The North Korean dictator runs a murderous regime and his erratic behaviour and language is very worrying. No world leader can shrug off a threat to strike its people with nuclear weapons but Trump needs to ensure that his own ‘shoot from the hip’ reactions do not add to the problem.

North Korea is arguably the biggest danger to world peace at the moment and history is showing that as time passes this issue is growing and becoming more difficult to deal with.

It has been reported that when President Trump asked the leaving President, Barack Obama, the toughest problem he will have to face, the former president said ‘North Korea!’

Just how much this crisis is down to a simple battle of egos or has catastrophic potential is hard to judge. There is little evidence of military preparations from the US. At the same time China, whilst losing patience with North Korea, is steering it towards a path of common sense. We all hope a rational approach to this problem can be found but I cannot see this problem going away any time soon.