Thank you

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I thank the people of Dartford for re-electing me to serve them as their Member of Parliament.

Dartford is a fantastic town but it is not without its faults. I am determined to work on the areas that need improving in our town as well as preserving its positive characteristics.

Dartford is my home and where I grew up and it has always been clear to me that Dartford’s greatest strength is its people.  There is a sense of pride amongst local residents that is seldom found elsewhere. This pride enables people to be clear about their hopes and aspirations for Dartford. People are proud of their country and proud of their town but want to see improvements. Whenever I am in the High Street or holding open Surgeries at Sainsbury’s, people never hesitate to tell me what they like and dislike about Dartford and that is exactly how it should be.

I have never claimed that there is a magic wand that can be waved to tackle Dartford’s problems but I am determined to do all I can to improve the town and continue to help local people. In the last twelve months I helped over 4000 people with various issues and I am determined to help even more in the next twelve months.

I am a Dartfordian to my fingertips and very proud to represent this area.