Consultation on organ donation

Over the next few months a Government consultation is asking for people to comment on a new opt-out system for organ donation.

The Government is looking to change the system as many people never discuss the possibility of becoming a donor and whilst around 80% of people say they would donate their organs, only around 36% of people are on the register.

Every day three people die waiting for a new organ and it is hoped that a new system of opting out, rather than opting in, would mean more organs will be available.

People rarely discuss this issue and last year more than 1000 families chose not to donate their relatives’ organs because they did not know whether they would have wanted to.

As of last month, there were 6,482 people on the active transplant list, including 155 children and last year there were more than 3,700 transplants thanks to deceased donors.

I think an opt-out model of consent will make more organs available and potentially save thousands of lives, but I also agree that families talking about this difficult subject and knowing each others’ views is the key to ensuring people’s wishes are followed.

As someone who is registered as an organ donor, I fully support this consultation and hope that people will look into the proposals and give their views.