Brexit negotiations

This week another round of negotiations began in Brussels as part of the ongoing talks aimed at getting the best deal for the UK when we leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, gave a statement to the House of Commons on Monday outlining the key points about the ongoing negotiations. She stated the Government is preparing for all eventualities and reiterated the fact the UK will no longer be part of the single market or its customs union when it leaves the EU.

From my position as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State, David Davis, in the Department for Exiting the EU, the negotiations are moving forward and they are going well, despite what some commentators will have you believe.

The discussion topics are wide-ranging from business, trade and border controls to what will happen to our passports and reciprocal health care agreements when we leave. Every single part of the law needs to be scrutinised.

Whilst I am a supporter of leaving the EU, I am also realistic that the negotiations and getting all the legislation in place, are not easy tasks. Nobody in Government wants there to be no deal with the EU but we have to prepare for it. To say to the EU that we will accept any deal rather than no deal would be a gift to the EU negotiating team.

The criticism about an apparent lack of progress is often levelled at the Government.  However, this is preferable to the alternative of Michel Barnier reporting the EU has made lots of progress and the British Government has been very accommodating to its wishes.

We must continue to move forward in a positive manner to ensure we secure the best future for Britain.